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Trinidad and Tobago

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(a) all land, messuages, tenements and hereditaments, corporeal and incorporeal of every kind and description or any estate or interest therein, together with all paths, passages, ways, watercourses, liberties and privileges;
(b) land covered with water; and
(c) all buildings or any part of any building, and all structures, machinery, plant, pipelines, cables and fixtures erected or placed upon, in, over, under or affixed to land;

Messuages - a dwelling house with outbuildings and land assigned to its use

Residential Land

(a) vacant or unoccupied lands with or without a building which is intended to be used or is capable of being used by reason of its location for residential purposes;
(b) land that has affixed to it, a building or other dwelling which has the physical characteristics that enable it to be occupied or capable of occupation as a residence or for residential occupation and is used and occupied on a permanent basis as a single dwelling accommodation and includes complementary outbuildings; and
(c) boat houses;

Commercial Land

land used for commercial purposes, whether wholesale, retail or service, carrying on a trade, business or profession, and includes land used or occupied by a non-profit organisation which would, if the land were so used or occupied by a trade or business, be treated as commercial land, but does not include agricultural land;

Agricultural Land

land used for, or vacant arable land where the sole use may be for, the following purposes:
(a) the cultivation of crops or the rearing of livestock;
(b) the cultivation and processing of food or food products or the rearing of livestock; or
(c) horticultural use, but does not include land used for—
(d) ornamental or recreational purposes or as accommodation lands for non-agricultural purposes; or
(e) kitchen gardens;

Industrial Land

(a) land used for; or
(b) vacant lands where the sole use may be for, the purpose of manufacturing, processing, marine terminal and transportation areas and facilities, fabrication, assembly, treatment, or distribution of manufactured products or storage of bulk materials;

Capital Value

The sum which the fee simple might be expected to realise if offered for sale on such reasonable terms and conditions as a bona fide seller would require;

Rental Value

The rent the land is likely to attract having regard to the purpose for which the land is actually used, occupied or tenanted, or where it is not actually used, occupied or tenanted, having regard to the purpose for which it is reasonably suitable;

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