• company* [green-fund-levy ]

    “company” means a body corporate or an unincorporated association and includes a partnership 77.01
  • GFQ example 1 [green-fund-levy ]

    You may want to pay on the 25th March instead of the 31st March. Your gross sales up to the 25th is $100 but you are expecting more sales by the 31st March. You can estimate how much sales you might get. If you believe you will receive a further $20 for the remaining period. Instead of declaring $100, you can declare $120 which includes the $100 of actual sales and the $20 estimated sales.
  • GFU example 1 [green-fund-levy ]

    If you paid early and declared $120 in gross sales for the March 31st period but you realized at the end of the period, sales were actually $130. The tax on the $10 difference must be paid by the end of the second quarter which ends at June 30th.

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