Green Fund Levy Calculator

Green Fund Levy

The purpose of the fund is to financially assist organizations and community groups that are engaged in activities related to the remediation, reforestation, environmental education and public awareness of environmental issues and conservation of the environment. 77.01

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Must be paid at a rate of 0.3% on gross sales

A tax of 0.3% on gross sales or receipts that is paid to the Board of the Inland Revenue (BIR). You can use our calculator to help calculate the amount.

By Companies

This levy is to be paid by registered companies*. Please note that companies in this instance includes partnerships, non-profit companies, charitable organizations & sports groups.

Excludes sole traders.


Green Fund Levy must be paid by the end of each quarter on 31st March, 30th June, 30th September and 31st December in each year of sales.

If you are paying before the deadline date, you may not know the accurate sales figure for the entire period, you can estimate the amount of sales that you have to pay tax on for the remaining days for the period.

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